Thank you for your interest in joining the Take My Tack platform to sell your second hand tack. In our effort to become a trusted and respected site for buying and selling second hand tack, we ask that should you sign up, you are honest with your listings, show commitment to delivering your orders in a timely manner and strive to offer quality second hand tack and not tack that is not true to the pictures you use.

Take My Tack Buy & Sell Secondhand Horse Tack


How do I become a seller?

It is so easy to register to become a seller. All you need to do is go to and follow the instructions to register.

Who can become a seller?

Anyone! Even if you are private seller and you just want to sell one item, you can still register and go through the quick & easy steps to create your profile and upload what you are selling on your Take My Tack. You can always keep your profile open in case you have more to sell down the line. Visit our YouTube Channel to watch the videos on how you can become a seller even if you have just one item.

How many items can I sell?

On the Pony plan, you can sell up to 5 items once verified. On theThoroughbred plan you can sell up to 20 items. If you want to sell more you can upgrade to the Warmblood plan where you can sell unlimited items. Unverified sellers can sell 2 items on all plans. So once registered, kindly complete the verification process to get full access.

Do I need to be a verified seller?

Unverified sellers can only sell 2 items on all plans. Once you are verified, you can sell in the line with the plan. The verification process is in place to protect the site from being utilised by scammers. Therefore, we encourage sellers who register to complete the verification process by uploading forms of ID so should there ever be an issue, we can reach out to you about that. Please note that these documents are not public.

What can I sell on Take My Tack?

Take My Tack encourages users to sell their secondhand horse tack, as well as riding clothing and any accessories associated with the equestrian industry. At this time, we are not allowing the buying and selling of horses. If you wish to list your horse box for sale, we ask that you use our Equine Directory. Brand new tack is also welcomed!

Can I auction items off on Take My Tack?

Yes, absolutely! You are able to set the item as you upload it as an auction item on the Thoroughbred and Warmblood plan. From there, you are able to set the start date of the auction, the end date, the minimum bid amount, the increments amount and if there is a buy now amount. The auction item will then appear on our dedicated auction page

When do I get paid for my sales?

As a means to protect the customers and ensure that their money toward the order is protected, Take My Tack receives the payment of the order directly. We do this either via Bank Transfer or by card facilities. We then payout to the seller at the end of the month, always ensuring that the customer has received the product.

What are the pay-out methods?

Take My Tack makes use of 2 pay-out methods. Payfast and Bank Transfer. With PayFast you are able to link your PayFast account to receive an automatic pay-out at the end of the month. If choosing Bank Transfer, please ensure that all the details are correctly inputted to avoid any errors as this is a manual payout.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you are welcome to cancel your plan, downgrade your plan or remove all your items from our website at any time. There is no fee involved in doing so and all outstanding amounts owed will be settled once cancellation has been initiated.

How old do I have to be to list my tack?

We allow sellers 16 years old and above. We ask for your date of birth when registering. Persons between the age of 16-18 years old need to provide parental consent to sell on the platform. The reason being is that when Take My Tack members agree to buy or sell items, they are entering into contracts with each other. In most countries, you must be at least 18 years old to enter into a contract.


Who is responsible for shipping?

As a vendor, we ask that you are responsible for shipping the order within 2 days of the date of sale. If there is a delay in dispatching the order, we ask that you kindly contact the customer to inform them of the delay.

Should I charge for Shipping?

Potential customers are more attracted to vendors that offer free shipping on the items they are selling. However, if you wish to charge shipping, you are able to set the shipping price in your dashboard.

What happens if a package is lost in transit

In the very rare occasion that a package is lost in transit, the buyer will be refunded in full. Therefore, it is imperative that as a vendor, you use a reputable shipping service to send your orders.

Do I receive the Shipping amount I charge back?

Yes, absolutely. At the end of the month, you will receive your payout from all the sales you have made via Take My Tack, including the shipping amount that you charged for each order. For example, if you charged R60 for an order worth R400, you will receive R320+R60.


What are the commission amounts?

On the Thoroughbred Plan, the commission amount is 20% for all items. On the Warmblood Plan, the commission amount is 10% for all items.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. Take My Tack only takes a commission off the sales made. All the other fees associated with an online shop will be taken care of by Take My Tack.

When do we receive the pay outs from the orders?

Take My Tack pays out at the end of every month, minus the commission. We pay into your bank account, so please ensure that your bank details are correctly inputted in your dashboard.


What is the Pony Plan?

The Pony plan is perfect for private sellers looking to quickly upload some secondhand tack items. Upon signing up, sellers have access to a basic dashboard where all you need to do is upload a product. Sellers can sell up to 5 products. Commission is 20%.

What is the Thoroughbred Plan?

On the Thoroughbred plan, sellers can sell up to 20 products. This plan is perfect for sellers who might want to start a small 'tack shop' as the dashboard gives sellers access to much more settings, The commission amount is 20% for all items. On this plan, there's a one fee of R250 to unlock the multiple settings in the seller's dashboard.

What is the Warmblood Plan?

The Warmblood plan gives sellers access to all the dashboard settings, as well as being able to sell unlimited items with unlimited disk space. This is for medium to larger 'tack shops' who want more configurations for their customers. The commission amount is 10% and the monthly fee is R400

What is the Equine Directory?

The Equine Directory is a place for equine businesses to advertise their services. There are categories for every kind of business within the Equine industry. There are monthly fees for each listing depending upon the category you fall into. Customers are able to search for their local business, read and write reviews on the business and even comment on their experience with the business for others to see.

Do I need to sign anything to becoming a member?

No, there is no need to sign anything to join the Warmblood membership plan but is important to become verified as a seller. To become verified, we ask that sellers upload a copy of their ID and proof of address. Until the seller is verified they will only be able to sell 2 items.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch detailed videos on how to use Take My Tack

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