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Shipping Policy

Who is responsible for shipping?

When shopping on Take My Tack, you are buying from a private seller who has listed their new or secondhand tack. Therefore, it is the seller’s responsibility to ship the product to the buyer. As a buyer, you are able to buy from multiple sellers in one shop. If you do so, you will be buying from different locations and will see multiple shipping costs.

Each seller has the freedom to set their own shipping rules when they sign up to become a seller. Therefore, as a buyer you might see different shipping costs. The seller may decide to use a door to door courier service or the local post office. They may also have different dispatch lead times, some may be 1-2 days and others may be 3-5 days. 

Some sellers may offer free delivery and others may give the buyer the option to collect the item directly from the seller. It is important that the seller follows the shipping guidelines as listed by Take my Tack to ensure fair practices.

You are able to initiate a direct one on one chat with the seller via the site if you would like to ask more questions about the shipping. Or, you can contact us: [email protected]

What are the shipping guidelines?

Below are the guidelines that we encourage the sellers to follow so that the buyer is satisfied.

  • The seller must offer fair shipping rates that accurately reflect the shipping method they are listing.
  • Sellers must not inflate the shipping rates for personal gain. 
  • Sellers must clearly state the lead times that they offer on their products, for example how many days until the items are shipped when purchased. 
  • Sellers must then honour that lead time as stated on the product.
  • Sellers must use the shipping method chosen by the buyer if the seller has offered different methods, such as overnight etc.
  • Sellers must communicate to the buyer the appropriate methods to track their order along with the tracking number if the seller has used a service that offers a trackable service.
  • Sellers must keep the buyer updated with the entire process and communicate any delays that may occur. Should delays occur, the buyer is within their right to cancel the order.

What are the different shipping methods?

Take My Tack suggests these different shipping rates that the seller can make use of. These rates are based on if the seller uses Postnet. The seller can decide to offer door to door courier service. Otherwise, you might see the following options:

  • Overnight – which is next day delivery.
  • Domestic – which takes 2 – 3 working days.
  • Sameday

The seller is responsible for setting the cost of each of these options when they are uploading their products.

Do you ship internationally?

Because of the cost involved in shipping internationally from South Africa, we do not recommend for the seller to ship internationally. Therefore, for the time being, Take My Tack SA will only be available for customers residing in South Africa.

Can I pick up my order from the seller?

There may be some sellers that allow a local pickup, either at their premises or at a nearby location. If, as the buyer, you want to collect an order but you don’t see that shipping option upon check-out you are welcome to contact us so we can see if the seller can arrange this.

Can I change my shipping address after purchase?

If after you have made a purchase, you need to make a change to that order you can raise a ticket with our support team immediately. You will find where to raise a ticket in your Account Dashboard and you will be notified when we reply. You can also email the seller immediately as well to notify them. If the seller has already dispatched the order it will not be possible to change the address, so please make sure that all of your details are correct when checking out.

Can I change the shipping method after I have paid?

If you need to make any changes to your order after you have paid, including changing the shipping method then you would need to email the seller immediately before they have dispatched the order. If the order has been dispatched then it will not be possible to change the shipping method. It is also advisable to contact Take My Tack Support via your Account Dashboard in order to speed up the process.

Can I track my order?

Only if the seller has used a service that issues a tracking number. Not all sellers are required to use a trackable service. Those that do will provide the tracking number and the company used. We ask that the buyer track the order. If there are any problems we are here to facilitate, as our focus is to ensure that both buyer and seller are happy. 


It is advisable that sellers use a trackable service to send their item, however, should the seller choose a service where a tracking number is not provided they do so at their own risk. This means that nor the buyer or Take My Tack are liable for parcels that might be lost or damaged in transit. If this occurs then the buyer is entitled to a full refund. This also applies to parcels sent by courier companies that provide a tracking number, as the courier company can be contacted to resolve the issue.


Should the buyer feel that the seller has not adhered to the above then they have the right to cancel their order and be given a full monetary refund. Take My Tack will facilitate any disputes that may incur between seller and buyer. Take My Tack has put these policies in place to create a fair platform for users to buy and sell new or secondhand tack.


You can contact Take My Tack at any time: [email protected]

Refund Policy

What to do if you need to request a refund?

As a buyer, if you have an issue with your order once you have received it, we ask that you reach out to the seller via email to come to an agreement regarding the refund. You are also required to login to your Take My Tack Account to log the return in your dashboard. All sellers must adhere to a 14 day returns policy enforced by Take My Tack. There are certain conditions surrounding the refund, which we will lay out here. Depending upon the reason, Take My Tack is happy to facilitate so that both seller and buyer are happy with the final outcome.

What conditions warrant an immediate refund?

Once a buyer reaches out to the seller to inform them of a problem, we ask that the problem is resolved within 3 days. If not, the buyer can reach out to Take My Tack to assist. There are certain conditions that warrant an immediate refund despite what the seller’s policy might be and they are:

  • If your item hasn’t arrived within the time frame as stipulated by the seller in the listing.*
  • If your item arrives damaged, or is not of the quality as stated by the seller.
  • If the order doesn’t match the description or the picture**
  • If you have received the wrong order and the seller no longer has what you want in stock.
  • If it is the wrong size, doesn’t fit and the seller doesn’t have the correct size in stock.

*First, we will investigate if the order is on its way and there is a delay caused in transit. 

**If there is only a slight difference in the picture and description as supposed to an obvious difference then Take My Tack will assist with the decision.

Are all items eligible for a refund?

Some sellers may sell certain products that cannot be returned, or a seller may decide not to offer a return policy at al. As a buyer, we encourage you to carefully read the sellers return policy on their shop page and on the product page. The reason some items may not be eligible for a refund could be health & safety related.

How to request a refund?

If you have created an account with Take My Tack you are able to request a refund in your Account Dashboard. Click on the Orders tab and from there, you will be able to follow the steps. Otherwise, you can first reach out to Take My Tack with your refund request.

How do I send back the item?

Should any of the above relate to your order, then the seller is responsible for arranging the return of the item back to them. Once Take My Tack has determined that the order falls into one of the above then we will facilitate to ensure that the seller organises the return of the item.

If the buyer has made a mistake with the ordering, then the buyer needs to arrange the safe return of the item back to the seller. The following examples are where the buyer would be responsible for initiating the return.

  • The buyer ordered the incorrect size.
  • The buyer has changed their mind.
  • The buyer doesn’t like the item even though the seller has included the correct descriptions and pictures.

The item needs to be carefully packed and returned in the exact same condition that the buyer received it in. The buyer is also responsible for using a service that insures it is safely returned, such as a trackable service.

How do I receive my refund?

Once the item has been safely returned to the seller and the seller is happy with the condition of the item, then Take My Tack will process refund. Please ensure that you have notified us with your preferred refund method. 

Can I exchange an item?

In instances where you might have received an incorrect size and the seller has another size then you can process an exchange instead of a monetary refund.

If the seller doesn’t have the correct size you can request credit to be used on another seller. Otherwise, we will process a full refund.


At Take My Tack, our main goal is to create a safe and fair environment for users to buy and sell new or secondhand tack. Therefore, we are here to facilitate any disputes that may occur surrounding the sale. Every scenario can be resolved in a way that both buyer and seller are happy. We closely monitor all refund/returns requests and are here to assist every step of the way.


Should you have any questions or if you feel there is something missing in the above or there is a subject we haven’t covered yet, please let us know: [email protected]

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