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Post a question on our chat forum and have it answered by like minded horse & tack enthusiasts. Or search through the topics and see all the latest stuff being spoken about. Our chat forum is a great way to stay in the know about all things equestrian and to connect with people in your area that can give you advice or all sorts, whether it is recommending a horse trainer, giving riding tips, advice on good tack, great local riding trails, tips on caring for a horse or just chatting about favourite horse breeds.

Equine Directory

Visit our Equine Directory and browse the listings to connect with a wide range of professionals in the Equine Industry. See their customer ratings, contact details, description on what exactly they do and where you can find them. We have made it easier for you to search for companies such as Farriers, Equine Vets, Riding Instructors, Grooms, Livery Yards, Saddle Fitters, Equine Therapists and more. If you are looking to buy a saddle here, find your nearest saddle fitter to ask them for advice,

Tack Talk Blog

What better way to see all the latest second hand tack that’s being added then via our Tack Talk Newsletter? You wouldn’t want to miss out when someone adds a bargain, so sign up and join the community. You’ll also get information on when the next Tack Room Clear Out Auction is, as well as the latest news on what is happening the Equestrian World. We’ll even send the latest discussions being started on our chat forum, so you too can contribute. We look forward to connecting with you!

Equine Directory

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